Electronic Air Cleaners

UV Lights and Air Purifiers

Surface Treatment Systems

These systems incorporate the above technology but also include additional technology to kill germs and odors often using carbon or other UV light waves. These systems are more expensive but offer additional relief for allergy sufferers. We can install any type of system. Here are some of our favorites. Click on logo or product in slide show to learn more.


This type of UV light system will kill mold, mildew and other items that pass through your air handler. These specifically are killing items that may grow inside the air handler on the surface of the coil and sides of the unit. This is good for applications where mold is a problem. This can be due to how the system was installed, the environment where the system was installed or the equipment itself. These tend to be less expensive than the air purifying systems. Depending on your system - some options might not fit.  We can install any type of system. Here are some of our favorites. Click on logo or product in slide show to learn more.

Air Purification Systems


By far the category with the most options. There are basically two types: Surface and Air

Some options will do both. Not all systems need or will have great benefit from this type of accessory. The purchase of a UV light should be made after research and good advice from an honest technician has been given. Otherwise it might be a waste of money.

In applications and environments that do warrant such an accessory the use of one can be life changing! Allergy sufferers especially will see benefits. Whether the allergy is pet dander, mold or pollen, some of these systems will make living in your home a more pleasent experience.

Each product has a UV light bulb associated with it. This light must be changed annually or every two years depending on the option we carry or the product. After the recommended replacement time frame, the light will lose its effectiveness - in esscense become dim and not usefull.  If you decide to purchase a uv light you should consider a Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement. We will change the bulb for you based on your selection during visits for this service.

Humidity is definitely an issue where we live. We can install whole house dehumidifiers to help your home with this issue. Signs you may need a dehumidifier:

  • Mold growing in home
  • Uncomfortable, clammy, stuffy air environment
  • Excessive condensation in home

Dehumidifiers are easy to install and generally are near your air handler. There are fresh air options available with some units.

If your humidity issue is not great enough to warrant the addition of a dehumidifier, but you are still uncomfortable, there are other options such as humidity controling thermostats and variable speed air handlers with thermidistats.

A three or four step air cleaning process - depending on manufacturer. Similar to a HE Air filter but once the air passes through the filter it moves to an ionization chamber where it electrically charges the air particles. The charged particles will begin to clump. Then using positive and negative charges, the particles will collect on a plate in the device. The air then passes through an ozone generator killing microorganisms such as bacteria. This type of system does require cleaning approximately two to four times a year but are designed so that the homeowner can clean it if they like and does not require filter replacement. We can clean these for you during preventative maintenance visits.

As with most products - HVAC systems have available accessories. Each manufacturer offers their own variety and take on many accessories. Below are some common options and information about their application and necessity. If you have a concern about your air quality or do not find equipment you are interest on this page - please call our office so that we can personally assist you.

High Efficiency Air Filtration

Your air conditioner is designed to use an air filter. This filter is to protect the equipment but not for improving your indoor air quality. You can purchase standard 1" filters with a higher MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating but not as high as with a HE Air Filtration System. These filters are thick! Generally 4" or more depending on the manufacturer and MERV rating. The MERV rating for these start at 11 whereas your standard filters are 8 or less.

These systems require a large box to hold the filters and are easiest to install during a change out. However, they can generally be installed at any time. These are designed to capture pollutants but are not designed to kill odors or prevent mold. The filter life is longer than standard filters and generally need to be changed every 6-12 months depending on your home and manufacturer. This is a great option for dusty homes or allergy/asthma sufferers. Each of our preferred equipment manufacturers and Honeywell offer HE Air Filtration solutions. Your choice of systems will determine which HE Air filtration system to use on your new unit. Each manufacturers is designed to fit snug when installing your air handler (inside unit).