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Why should you choose Emergency Heating and Air to diagnose and repair your system?

Honesty and efficiency. When a problem exists with your system it is essential to properly diagnose and repair your system efficiently for your comfort and the integrity of your system. We stock our vans with many parts other companies would never consider to. We want to be able to repair your system correctly the first time we visit your home. Unless it is an obscure or OEM part, we carry it on our van just in case you need it.

All repairs have a 30 day guarantee with a 1 or 5 year warranty on parts depending on the manufacturer.

Our goal is to provide honest and helpful service to our family of customers with their comfort needs

We have over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry and we have seen many things along the way. Often a repairable problem can be overlooked or a company can be more interested in selling a new unit than giving an honest diagnosis.
We offer Free Second Opinions to new customers. If you have been given a quote on a repair or new system and want to be sure you are making the right decision - give Emergency Heating and Air the opportunity to evaluate your heating and cooling needs.

Life expectancy varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model.

Location of unit and the installation of the equipment also contribute to how long your system will last. Proper maintenance and use of system play a part as well.

Some manufacturers have different levels and brands they offer. For example - we are an authorized dealer of Amana equipment. Amana is owned by the same company and made similar to its big brother Daikin and little brother Goodman. Amana is a solid manufacturer of HVAC equipment. It comes standard with many features you would have to pay extra for or are not offered from other manufactures. They also offer their equipment at a reasonable price for the quality of product they offer. Goodman equipment is good too but does not come with as many features as Amana equipment.

United Technology Manufacterers make Carrier, Bryant, Payne and other equipment as well. Carrier and Bryant equipment are very similar and sometimes identical but price points are different. Air handlers literally have identical model numbers and only become a Bryant product at the distribution level not the manufacture level. Carrier will cost more than Bryant in most cases. Bryant equipment will usually cost more than Amana equipment yet are both reliable and good equipment.

We offer Amana, Bryant, and Goodman equipment. We can install most brands of equipment but recommend and offer the above three over other brands.

Each manufacturer offers different lines of equipment. Each line varies some in quality, efficiency and features. Each has a different price point as well.

Depending on how well the equipment is manufactured the life expectancy may very. The brands we offer have a longer life expectancy than inexpensive brands and lines.

Other factors contribute to expectancy such as location. Equipment at or near the beach will not last as long as equipment installed inland. The salt water in the air causes the equipment to rust and fall apart quickly. If a unit lasts more than 8 years at the beach, then the homeowner received their monies worth! Some manufacturers offer lines made to withstand this salty air, such as Bryant Coastal equipment, or they offer an additional coating that can be applied to ward off the inevitable breakdown from rust. However, most homeowners and business owners have learned that they must replace equipment more often.

Amana's life time unit replacement due to compressor failure on 16+ seer equipment is a great fit for clients living near the ocean. It is one more way to get extra life out of your purchase.

Proper Installation. This seems simple enough but not all companies use proper installation techniques. Or they may charge you extra to do the job the way it should be.

  • For starters - if a company charges you extra to pull a permit then they are playing a game with you.Duval county requires all new system installs to be permitted. If no permit is pulled, then there is no one to ensure they installed your system to county code. If they are charging extra, then they baited you with a lower price to get in the door. You should then question their desire to properly install your equipment.
  • Technique. It is proper to remove refrigerant from old equipment and pressure test the new system with nitrogen to ensure there are no leaks in the equipment or existing refrigerant lines. This ensures your system will work properly and prevents future failures
  • Once no leaks are confirmed - we must evacuate the system to ensure there are no impurities, such as moisture or air, in the system. This prevents future failures.
  • Once evacuated it is time to properly charge the system with refrigerant. The manufacture specifies the amount that each unit should have. Under or over charging the system can cause problems with performance, reduce efficiency or cause premature compressor failure.

If a company fails to perform these basic steps of a proper installation, then you may pay for their failure for years to come with an inefficiently operating system or part failures.

Maintenance - just like your vehicle - your HVAC equipment needs to be maintained too. The simple act of cleaning out leaves from your outside unit on a regular basis will prevent components from rusting and premature failure of parts. Please read about our Preventative Maintenance Service we provide to learn more about taking care of your new and existing equipment.

So how long should you expect your equipment to last? Well it depends. Manufacturers have found on average outside (condenser) units last 10-12 years whereas inside units can last 12-18 years. All the factors mentioned above play a part in the life expectancy. We have worked with and maintained equipment that was 30 years old! In part due to good maintenance and installation. Also to good and proper service repairs. We joke with our clients, when repairing systems, that theirs may be old enough drive or vote! So you may get many more years than mentioned and that makes us happy.

Our philosophy on repair service is to keep your system up and running for as long as possible. To build trust through honesty with our clients and when the time comes to replace your system, we want to provide you with a professional installation that allows you to have proper working equipment for many years to come.

We offer flat rate pricing to our customers. In an effort to be fair and honest, we do not play games with our pricing especially when diagnosising problems with your system.

If a company offers you a discount on diagnosis with the payment of a repair - you can be sure they have recouped the discount in their repair price and maybe more.

If diagnostics are free, then there is a chance the technician is encouraged to find a problem to help recoup the discount. We have gone behind many companies and found their diagnosis was not accurate. Often the problem was a less expensive repair then the one they diagnosed. Commission based technicians are required to have an average or minimum repair amount per job to earn commission. Our technicians are paid on an hourly basis and honesty-in-diagnosing is a requirement.

You may find a company in the paid ad magazines that offer cheap installs, deep discounts on diagnostics and repairs - be weary of the end price. They are going to make as much money from you as they can when they can. Trying to have customers for life is not the norm nowadays.

We would like you to be our customer for life and join our Emergency family of satisfied clients!

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