There are 3 great reasons to have Emergency Heating and Air install your new thermostat instead of purchasing and doing it yourself. We are in an era of empowerment to DIY from decorating to home improvement. Somethings should be left to the professionals and here is why thermostats are one of those:

1.Determining the correct thermostat for your system.

  • Do you have a Heat Pump or Straight Cool? Do you have additional items associated with your system? How did the last technician choose the wiring for your system? What does Brown do?
  • All of these need to be taken into consideration before you choose a shiny box off the shelf. No thermostat is the same and there are many options to choose from. But which is correct for your system? We can help with this. We are able to determine from your equipment which type of thermostat is needed.

Call us and have the correct thermostat installed properly the first time!

2. Professional Installation

  • We can properly install the thermostat without causing damage to your equipment. If you wire it incorrectly fuses and transformers get blowen, the heater can run when the thermostat calls for cooling which can cause damage to your compressor or the system will not work at all. Then you will need to call us to come repair your equipment and install the thermostat properly. This happens often!

Call us and have the thermostat installed properly the first time!

3. Not all thermostats are the same! 

  • The manufacturer may be the same, the name may be the same but the product is not. There are differences in the thermostats box stores sell and the ones we install. Some differences are subtle - slight changes in material or design and some are not.
  • The biggest difference is the warranty. Our thermostats generally come with a 5 Year warranty whereas big box Stores generally come with a 1 Year warranty. Why does this matter?
    • Should your thermostat quit working  - we will come to your home, take the bad one out and place a new one on your wall. We will check to make sure the new one works correctly, connected to Wi-Fi if option is chosen, and wish you a good day. If within the first 30 days there is no charge or there may be a small labor charge depending on the age of the thermostat or service agreement.
    • If your box store thermostat fails - your system will not work nor your system. You will call us to diagnosis the problem learning it is the thermostat. Blank thermostat screens can be caused by more than just a bad thermostat. Since you purchased the thermostat from the box store, you will either have to return it to the store yourself, mail it to the manufacturer, or if after 1 year you will have to purchase a new one. Until you receive the new thermostat your system will not work and you will not be comfortable.

Call us and you will not have to worry about which thermostat, installation or warranty!

We are a Nest Pro Dealer
We are a Honeywell Contractor Pro

Why Purchase from a Professional

and not a box store?

Some of our favorites

We stock and offer a varity of thermostats. From plain and simple to smarter than most! Our favorites are made by Honeywell and Nest. Each offer something special and no two are alike. We have dedicated a page to each manufacturer and their products. Please click on each logo or use the menu to learn more.

Never has there been more options for thermostats on the market than today. Digital, Programmable, WiFi, Smart and Plain and Simple!

Which Thermostat is right for you? First you should determine what you want from your thermostat.

  • Do you want to manually adjust the temperature?
  • Do you want to program your schedule and have it adjust accordingly?
  • Or do you want it to figure things out and change on it's own?

With so many options and price points to choose from, it can become daunting.

Call us and we will walk you through the task and help determine which is correct for your needs and budget.