Preventative Maintenance
We believe this is an important service to our customers. With proper maintenance and system checks, you can prevent unnecessary problems with your unit. We are also able to detect some issues before they effect your comfort. 

​Our PM service is designed to keep your system healthy. It is not our philosophy to up-sale you additional services or propose imaginary repairs.

We offer Maintenance Agreements that afford you priority service, discounts on repairs and new system installations.

Filter Replacement
Filters in your system should be replaced. Depending on the system and environment your unit is conditioning you may need filters more or less often than others.
We can help you determine the appropriate timing of filter replacement for your system.
If you like we can replace them for you as a service. Coupling proper filter replacement and preventative maintenance can extend the life of your system.

Free second opinions

We have over 25 years of experience in the HVAC industry and we have seen many things along the way. Often a repairable problem can be overlooked or a company can be more interested in selling a new unit than giving an honest diagnosis.

We offer Free Second Opinions to new customers. If you have been given a quote on a repair or new system and want to be sure you are making the right decision - give Emergency Heating and Air the opportunity to evaluate your heating and cooling needs.


​It is important to have a knowledgeable well trained technician trouble shooting your system. Often we give second opinions to new customers that are misdiagnosed by original company. This can be costly and frustrating to customers. We commonly see expensive repairs quoted when the problem is only a minor fix. Also common is an incomplete diagnostic. The technician finds a problem and stops instead of checking all aspects of the system and finding the additional issues.

We work on all units no matter the age. Most repairs can be completed on the first visit due to our fully stocked vans.

New Installations

​We can install a variety of manufactures. Our teams can do it all from start to finish.