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Not only does the family of Nest Pro products work well together they also play well with other smart products.

Learning Thermostat - Generation 3

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Nest Labs family of products are great and have empowered homeowners to take charge of home surveillance and air conditioning using technology. Nest equipment is designed to be simple and controlled from your phone or home computer.

Some homeowners are able to install Nest equipment especially with their easy to follow instructions but many do not wish to undertake such a project or they are not mechanical/technical enough to confidently install them.  Please read our Thermostat page for a discussion on Professional Installation.

We are trained to install the Nest family of products. Professionally installed Nest PRO products have a 5-year warranty on equipment. Store bought products only have a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Meet the Nest Family of Products - a family that plays well together 

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